Whether your boiler system is in need of an efficiency tune up, boiler repair, damaged, or experiencing downtime, contracting an experienced boiler repair company is paramount to protecting your investment. Matt Marshall & Company has over 68 years of dedicated service to solving boiler room concerns. We service and repair most all major brands of boilers. Our diverse knowledge of boiler types and product lines enables us to provide customers with the most comprehensive and efficient service possible. Let our trained technicians inspect, troubleshoot and repair your system for optimal efficiency and reduce overall operating costs.

We will provide you with:

  • reliability
  • efficiency
  • peace of mind
  • decreased cost

24 Hour Support for existing customers

Quarterly & Annual Inspections

Preventative Maintenance

Safety Checks

Burner Upgrades

Combustion Analysis

Control Upgrades


Boiler Feedwater Pump Service

Refractory Repair

Service Contracts

Steam Trap Surveys

Pipe Fitting

Deaerator Inspections

Water Softener Evaluation


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