Water testing and validation is essential to water management and allows for corrective actions and enhanced monitoring within a facility’s environment. 

One of the most important accessories you can have for your steam boiler is a water softener, which serves a crucial role in helping your boiler avoid malfunctions and run more efficiently. Hard water that’s filled with minerals like calcium and magnesium can cause damage to the tubes. The efficiency of a boiler can also be negatively affected by hard water.  If the presence of calcium and magnesium causes hard scaling, it will have an impact on the heat transfer inside the boiler. The solution to both of these potential problems is a water softener working in conjunction with your boiler.

Water hardness is composed primarily of dissolved calcium and magnesium compounds. Hardness is the main source of boiler scale.

Feed water hardness is one of the main factors in making treatment recommendations. Where feed water is softened, the amount of hardness in the softener effluent is a measure of the softener performance and an indication of when the softener needs to be regenerated.

The presence of hardness in returned condensate water is an almost positive indication of in-leakage and contamination of the condensate.

If you supervise a limited-attendance or unattended boiler, then Matt Marshall & Company can assist you with your water testing requirements.

Boiler water tests available

  • Feedwater
  • Boiler Water
  • Condensate