Boiler safety devices are designed to prevent dangerous conditions from turning into possibly fatal disasters, yet only proper maintenance prevents the dangerous operating conditions from developing in the first place.

The majority of boiler failures are caused by malfunctioning low water cutoffs, operator error, poor maintenance and/or corrosion. Therefore, properly functioning control or safety devices are absolutely essential for any boiler. The only way you can be confident they’re present and will work when necessary is to regularly perform safety checks. 

Let our trained technicians check water-level controls and low-water fuel cutoffs for sludge build-up or scale that might exist. These deposits may interfere with its detection and operation. Something as simple as corrosion or restricted flow within a valve and its related piping can affect the operation of safety devices.

We offer an extensive list of checks for your industrial equipment including some of the following for boilers & burners:

  • Fuel valve devices
  • Air proving switches
  • Safety limit devices
  • Burner operation
  • Burner air & fuel ratio
  • Programmer
  • Flame recognition
  • Low oil pressure switch
  • Low atomizing air pressure switch
  • High gas pressure switch
  • Low gas pressure switch
  • Primary & secondary low water cut-off
  • Linkage adjustment
  • Stack temperature
  • Fuel connections
  • Belt tensions
  • Water level – pump start/stop
  • Combustion air switch
  • High limit switch